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Compact and Flexible DR System

For use in General Radiology and Orthopaedics

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Maximum productivity in an advanced radiographic room

AMS is a company that serves as a provider of complete solutions for medical imaging equipment and the related services in the healthcare business.

AMS is located in The Netherlands covering reasonable product range. We represent a number of companies for medical imaging equipment in the EMEA region

AMS main focus now is offering add value solution to reduce healthcare expenses.

AMS goal is to be the one partner that healthcare facilities turn to for all their imaging product and service inquiries.

Currently we are working with a selected service companies in EMEA to join forces. We are entirely focused on providing the best service for the after-sale care for our clients and extend our service capabilities to customers who need affordable and reliable solutions during or in post-warranty servicing of their equipment.

In regards to this, we would be interested to explore the opportunities to work together with you in the following fields:
– Sales, Installation and Calibration of new or used X-Ray, CT, CV and RF tubes in imaging equipment.
– All dedicated Spare Parts inquires related to Medical Imaging equipment
– Pre-owned systems of X-Ray rooms, Cath Lab, CT, MRi, Ultrasound,…etc
– Turnkey Service solution for the whole or part of the Hospital medical equipment.
Our service engineers have over 10 years of experience in servicing of medical equipment. We have good communications not only with the hospitals but also with those that require regular servicing and get very expensive and unreliable post-warranty services for their equipment. More and more hospitals turn to a reliable company like ours with inquiries for servicing for their Medical equipment.