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[tagline_box backgroundcolor=”#fff” shadow=”yes” border=”1px” bordercolor=”#e8e6e6″ highlightposition=”top” link=”” linktarget=”” button=”” title=”” description=”Avada includes 3 different sets of animated counters; circles, boxes and bars. These are great for displaying varying types of data to your viewers, wether its sales percentages, skill levels, promotional levels or any other numbers.”][/tagline_box] [separator top=”20″] [title size=”2″]Animated Counter Circles[/title] [counters_circle][counter_circle filledcolor=”” unfilledcolor=”” value=”75″]75%[/counter_circle][counter_circle filledcolor=”” unfilledcolor=”” value=”30″][fontawesome icon=”adjust” circle=”no” size=”large”][/counter_circle][counter_circle filledcolor=”” unfilledcolor=”” value=”70″]7/10[/counter_circle][counter_circle filledcolor=”” unfilledcolor=”” value=”50″]Title[/counter_circle][/counters_circle] [separator top=”70″] [title size=”2″]Animated Counter Boxes[/title] [counters_box][counter_box value=”75″]Counter Title Goes Here[/counter_box][counter_box value=”55″]Counter Title Goes Here[/counter_box][counter_box value=”65″]Counter Title Goes Here[/counter_box][counter_box value=”85″]Counter Title Goes Here[/counter_box][/counters_box] [separator top=”70″] [title size=”2″]Animated Counter Progress Bars[/title] [progress percentage=”95″]Your Title Here[/progress] [progress percentage=”80″]Your Title Here[/progress] [progress percentage=”75″]Your Title Here[/progress] [progress percentage=”60″]Your Title Here[/progress] [separator top=”70″] [title size=”2″]Features and Customizations[/title] [one_half last=”no”] [checklist icon=”check” iconcolor=”light” circle=”yes”]
  • 3 different styles with nice jQuery animation effects
  • Insert custom titles and %’s per item, unlimited use per page
[/checklist] [/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”] [checklist icon=”check” iconcolor=”light” circle=”yes”]
  • Use %, Icon, Number Scale & Title with the counter circles
  • Customize the filled and unfilled colors for circles and boxes
[/checklist] [/one_half]
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