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Maintenance Mode

Avada includes blank pages so you can build all kinds of awesome stuff, like a maintenance mode page!

[separator top=”80″ style=”none”] [content_boxes layout=”icon-boxed” iconcolor=”#ffffff” circlecolor=”#333333″ circlebordercolor=”#333333″ backgroundcolor=”#f6f6f6″] [content_box title=”Beautifully Simplistic” icon=”tablet” image=”” link=”” linktarget=”” linktext=””]If you’re a code nerd or a Word Press newbie, Avada is for you. It’s built for everyone, and can be as simple or complex as you want. [/content_box] [content_box title=”Free Support & Updates” icon=”magic” image=”” link=”” linktarget=”” linktext=””] We truly care about our users and our end product. Our users love Avada, and you will too with free updates & incredible support.[/content_box] [content_box title=”Blissful Layout Options ” icon=”thumbs-up” image=”” link=”” linktarget=”” linktext=””]Avada includes so many different options and designs. Users are able to make amazing layouts with the tools we provide.[/content_box] [/content_boxes] [/fullwidth]
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