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AMS is the first independent service provider for clinical and diagnostic imaging maintenance service, parts, and refurbished equipment solutions in the Benelux and Middle East Regions.


• As a vendor-independent service provider we deliver a tailored mix of the best technologies, designed to meet all your clinical and financial requirements.
• Our solutions provide access to the very latest diagnostic systems, through flexible contracts that can be as short as the recommended useful life of an imaging asset to multi-life solutions that include a defined equipment replacement strategy.
• AMS can help your facility to provide a better patient experience with the flexibility to change as your demands evolve.
• Meeting cost improvement targets for medical equipment
• Improving the performance of your medical equipment estate over the long-term
• Replacing ageing assets or building additional equipment capacity to meet patient demand
• Removing the burden of managing multiple equipment maintenance suppliers
• Gaining a better understanding of the condition and utilization of your equipment portfolio
• Extracting value from old or redundant assets and disposing of them safely
• With independent and impartial access to all technology suppliers, we are able to build a program over the term of a contract that is right for your department – positively influencing diagnostic quality, improving patient throughput, reducing risk and creating a better environment for patients and staff.

Our talented engineers, our parts networks, warehouses and facilities keep your systems online, reduce the complexity of your procurements across imaging system modalities and brands, and make you overall more efficient in delivering your diagnostic imaging services to your patients.

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution that addresses all aspects of support for your diagnostic imaging equipment? AMS MVS (Multi Vendor Service) unpacks the burden and expense of maintaining original equipment manufacturer (OEM) contracts as your installed base of equipment continues to age. Our core business is developing ever more efficient and increasingly effective service for your medical imaging systems. With the advantage of being service-oriented, vendor-neutral, and cost-effective, AMS offers strong competitive alternatives, especially for equipment entering its mid-cycle.

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