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Philips Brilliance 40 Slice, MRC 800

The second generation of MRC high performance CT tubes has been updated to effectively manage gantry rotation times shorter than 0.4 sec. with motion-free focal spot performance. Motion-free focal spot guarantees optimized image quality in ultra-high spatial resolution with Multislice CT. The Dynamic Focal Spot (DFS) doubles the data sampling density from the detectors and allows for artifact-free ultra-high spatial resolution in axial and spiral scanning. As a result, the MRC 800 is ideally suited to the specific requirements of Philips new Brilliance CT 40-channel configuration.

The tube is installed in the X-ray tube housing ROT 5006 and is available as a complete tube housing assembly. The heat exchanger CU 6100 is available separately.

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Tube for model: Brilliance 40

Replacement tube for: MRC 800

OEM Parts number(s): 9890-000-85921

Brand: Philips

MHU: 8.0

Focal spot: 0.5 x 1.0 (small) and 1.0 x 1.0 (large)

Shipping weight:

Warranty: One Year OEM Warranty

More Technical data

  • 60 kW maximum tube power
  • 85 kW (small) and 120 kW (large) nominal anode input power¬†(IEC 60613)
  • 26 MHUeff effective heat storage capacity
  • 8 MHU anode heat storage capacity (IEC 60613)
  • 12 MHU maximum heat content of assembly
  • 6.1 kW maximum continuous heat dissipation
  • 200 mm anode disc diameter
  • 7 degree anode angle
  • 0.5 x 1.0 (small) and 1.0 x 1.0 (large) focal spot size (IEC 60336/93)
  • 90, 120, 140 kV tube voltages
  • 20 – 500 mA tube current
  • High g-forces spiral groove bearing, directly cooled anode
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