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GE CT Max, 640, CT Plus, Sytec 1800i, MX100/MX-100CT/GS-270

This 400 KHU CT tube is designed as a replacement for use in GE CTMAX I, CTMAX II, CTMAX 640, CTMAX 320, and Sytec 1800i systems.

Product Description

The GS-270 is a 4.0” (102 mm) 135 kV, 445 kJ (600 kHU) maximum anode heat content, rotating anode insert. This insert is specifically designed for CT Scanners. The insert features a 7° tungsten-rhenium facing on molybdenum with a graphite backed target and is available with the following nominal focal spot: 0.6 IEC 60336

Loading Factor for slit focal: 120 kV, 25 mA

Maximum Anode Cooling Rate: 2,000 W (2,800 HU/sec)

Maximum continuous anode heat dissipation: 1,500 W (2,100 HU/sec)

Nominal Anode Input Power: 15 kW IEC 60613

Reference Axis: Perpendicular to port face. This insert is intended for use in a CT MAX housing.

Product Enquiry


Tube for model: CT Max, 640, CT Plus, Sytec 1800i

Replacement tube for: MX100 CT MAX

OEM Parts number(s): D3512T, 46-274230G803, 46-274230G5, 2218455

Brand: GE

MHU: 0.35

Focal spot: 0.6

Shipping weight: 45 Kg

Warranty: One year or 40K slices


Additional information

Weight 45 kg
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