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Philips Gemini GXL 6/16, TF16/64, PET/CT, MRC800

The GEMINI TF, 6/16-channel configuration system puts you ahead of the applications curve. In addition to providing additional confidence during routine oncology FDG studies, the acquisition speed of PET and CT enables you to perform advanced applications such as pulmonary gating, cardiac studies and molecular imaging.

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Tube for model: Gemini GXL 6, GXL 16, TF16, Pet/CT

Replacement tube for: MRC 800

OEM Parts number(s): 9890-000-85921

Brand: Philips

MHU: 8.0

Focal spot: 0.5×1.0, 1.0×1.0

Shipping weight:

Warranty: One Year OEM Warranty


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