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Melody III

System’s principal features

– Available either film or digital
– User friendly operator’s interface and main digital display, showing system’s parameters as well as the Average Glandular Dose (AGD)
– Frontal auxiliary display showing at a glance applied compression force, arm rotation angle and thickness of compression
– Motorized compressor allowing a fine adjustment of the compression force
– Motorized rotation +/-180° available
– Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) operating with either “Zero Point Mode” or “One Point Mode”
– Wide choice of compression paddles and accessories
– Availability of a version compatible with the stereotactic biopsy system BYM 3D, for high precision 3-dimensional lesion localization
– Availability of a version integrating a dual-size cassette holder accepting both 24x30cm and 18x24cm cassettes

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Melody III

The importance of mammography as a key in breast cancer screening protocols is well known. In this context, Villa Sistemi Medicali is proud to introduce the Melody III, a new mammography unit combining high quality imaging with advanced ergonomics for the user. Thanks to the use of the most advanced technology, the accuracy of the exposures is always granting a precise diagnosis, yet special attention has always paid to the reduction of the radiation dose given to the patient. Integrated procedures for quality control and self-calibration make possible an accurate adjustment of the system’s parameters, in order to assure the maximum reliability and repeatability of the diagnostic results.

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