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Somatom Sensation 16, Akron Q / Dura-532

The Siemens Sensation 16 Slice CT is one of the most widely-used multi-slice, whole-body CT scanners on the market. With the ability to perform 3D whole body and cardiac exams with exceptional image quality, the Siemens Somatom Senation 16 is an excellent choice for imaging centers without the budget to buy new. The Siemens Sensation 16 allows you to conduct cardiac studies in less than 20 seconds with .75mm slice and down to 105 ms temporal resolution for clear depiction of the coronary arteries. Purchasing a refurbished, used Siemens Sensation 16 is an affordable way to extend the clinical capabilities of your clinic or department.

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Tube for model: Somatom Sensation 16

Replacement tube for: Akron Q / Dura-532

OEM Parts number(s): 7393148

Brand: Siemens

MHU: 5.3

Focal spot:¬†0.5×0.7, 0.8×1.2

Shipping weight:

Warranty: One Year OEM Warranty


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