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Philips Tomoscan AV, PF, SR, 5000/6000V, GS-3070, B-240H

The GS-3070 is a 5.5” (140 mm) 150 kV, 2.5 MJ (3.5 MHU) maximum anode heat content, rotating anode insert. This insert is specifically designed for Philips/Hitachi CT Scanners. The insert features a 7° tungstenrhenium facing on molybdenum with a graphite backed target.

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Tube for model: Tomoscan SR, 5000/6000V

Replacement tube for: Philips GS-3070

OEM Parts number(s): GS-3070, B-240H

Brand: Philips

MHU: 3.5

Focal spot: 0.7 x 0.8 1.2 x 1.4

Shipping weight:

Warranty: One Year or 60K Scan Prorated

Varian Part #: GS-3070, B-240H


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