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Toshiba Xspeed, 600S, XT, HQ, DA220, GS-2078, B-220H

This 2.0 MHU CT tube is designed as a replacement for use with Toshiba Xspeed, 600S, XT and HQ CT systems.



Tube for model: Xspeed, 600S, XT, HQ

Replacement tube for: DA220 Toshiba, B220 Toshiba

OEM Parts number(s): GS-2078, B-220H

Brand: Toshiba

MHU: 2.0

Focal spot: 0.9×0.8 1.6×1.2

Shipping weight: 68Kg

Warranty: One Year or 50K slices

Dunlee Part #: 9896-055-82401, 9896-055-89200


Additional information

Weight 68 kg
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