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Dental Intraoral

Endograph DC is a new, hi-frequency intraoral unit, entirely engineered and manufactured by Villa Sistemi Medicali. It is characterized by an innovative control unit with a large area display which is one of the most distinguishing part of the machine. Endograph DC opens a new era for intraoral units: a new era characterized by peerless convenience, easiness of use and innovative design.


The innovation of a breakthrough user interface

Endograph DC stands out completely from conventional intraoral units and makes a step further in the direction of user friendliness: its beautiful, shield-shaped control unit integrates a full-size LCD display showing the parameters efficiently organized in working areas and, for the first time, cleverly combining icons and tooth name. Additionally, the user interface can be customized in many languages, thus helping the operator to establish a communication channel with the patients. The levels of brightness and contrast can be adjusted, depending on the environment where the unit is being installed.

Endograph DC

A masterpiece of genuine Italian design

No doubt that Endograph DC catches the attention with its eye capturing design, stylishly combining curved and straight surfaces: the result is a product differing from competition and perceived to characterize your operatory. 100% designed and manufactured in Italy, Endograph DC grants optimal quality and reliability, as it can be seen from the care even for the smallest details: the glossy painting of the parts for the best cleaning, the rubber insertion on the tubehead support for an optimized handling, the arm entirely in aluminium for a maximized stability.

Huge range of configurations

Endograph DC matches any practice, as it is available with 3 different sizes of extension arms that can be adapted to virtually any room. Upon request, Endograph DC can come also as a mobile unit mounted on trolley, particularly indicated in emergency contexts. Additionally, the standard availability of preset settings for films, Photostimulable Phosphor Plates (PSP), or Digital Detectors, allows the use with any receptor, from any manufacturer.


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