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GE Optima CT580RT, Discovery VCT, RX, PET/CT 690, Reevo 240 G, MX240

The Reevo 240Gª is a 8.0MHU CT tube designed as a replacement for use in GE  Discovery VCT, Optima CT580RT, Discovery VCT PET/CT, Discovery RX, PET/CT 690Systems.

Product Specifications

Tube Type: DU8009
Target Diameter: 240 mm (9.4 in)
Target Angle: 7°
Power Characteristics: 100 kW
Focal Spot: 0.7 x 0.6/0.9 x 0.9

Filament Characteristics

Volts: 3.3-8.1/5.6-13.4
Amperes: 4.5-7.5/4.5-7.5 A
Rotor Speed: 8400 RPM

Stator Resistance

Main Winding: 2.3 Ohms phase to phase
Max. Anode Cooling Rate: 8 kW


Tube for model: Optima CT580RT, Discovery VCT PET/CT, Discovery RX, PET/CT 690

Replacement tube for: Reevo 240 G

OEM Parts number(s): D3191T, D3192T, D3193T, D3194T, 2219500-3, 2291563-2

Brand: GE

MHU: 8.0

Focal spot: 0.7×0.6, 0.9×0.9

Shipping weight: 160Kg

Warranty: One year or 6,000 patient exams

Dunlee Part #: 9896-055-96401


Additional information

Weight 160 kg
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